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As is customary at the Africa Cup of Nations, the underdogs stunned and confused the hosts on the opening day, with Cameroon captain Benjamin Moukandjo scoring a wonderful goal. As part of the Berklee Road programme in Libreville, Gabon, we spoke to a variety of artists who will perform at the 2017 FIFA World Cup in Ivory Coast, the tournament's host country. At the American Football Association (AFA) annual awards ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa, on Sunday, June 4, 2017, African Cups of Statesmen and musicians from around the world spoke about their experiences at this year's tournament and their plans for the next phase of their careers in Africa and the Middle East. The Africa Cup of Nations stunned - and stunned - the underdog, who stunned the host nation on the first day and scored a stunning goal in the 1-0 win over Senegal on Saturday.

There was a lively discussion on the bus reserved for rappers, young artists and dancers travelling from Libreville to Lambarene.

Passion and enthusiasm turned to despair as Gabon made no headway in the first half. Passion and excitement turned to despair Asamoah is the first - half-forward - to do nothing. Passion and enthusiasm turn to impatience when Gabrielle, a young woman in her mid-20s, Talks about her love of music in Libreville.

Defender Juary Soares' header put the team in control in the 90th minute at the Stade de l'Amitie. Aubameyang's goal was not enough to help Gabon to victory and his second-half goal was not enough for them. Defender Jeroen Soares "header ended the first half of the World Cup qualifier against Ivory Coast in an unusual manner: in the 90th minute, the clocks beat Stades de la Amitie 1-0 to the home side with 90 seconds to go. Defender so unusual that his header in the minutes before kick-off for the 2-1 win over the underdog was the unexpected turning point, but it meant that < p > Esang's goal was not enough to give them a win.

Moukandjo was on hand to whip a sweet free-kick into the top left corner and give Cameroon a deserved lead. Mouk and Bebe clashed for Cameroon in the second half of the World Cup qualifier against Ivory Coast, when he sent a sweet free-kick into the top left corner and Cameroon were in a deserved lead.

Accompanied by Akendengue, another talented musician, Naneth honored his teacher with a reggae version of the Ak-Endengues song "Maia." When we understand the complex world of puppetry in Gabon, we are touched by the narrow colonial image that the West cultivates of African culture. Gabon also enjoys a wide range of other art forms such as music, dance and dance music. For example, there is a kind of hand puppet show, but other genres of puppet show can also be found in Gabon.

In Gabon, we analyse the stereotypes about the sexuality of Gabonese women and the role of women in puppet-making.

There are also Africans from other countries who have come to Gabon to find work, but also from Africa. Unlike many African countries, Gabon's borders do not correspond to the borders of ethnic groups. With the exception of the Fang, all Gabon's ethnic groups are Bantus and came to Gabon via the Myene. For example, Fang's residents live in the capital, Gueckedou, a city of about 1.5 million people.

In Gabon, they behave similarly to other ethnic groups in other parts of Africa, such as Nigerians and Tutsis.

The most important institution in Gabon is the Omar Bongo University of Libreville, which offers a wide range of courses in music, arts and humanities as well as music education. This gives musicians from more than 20 African countries the opportunity to explore Berklee - styles - for free.

Bird lovers will love Gabon, where nearly 700 species have been recorded, and the wooded hills of Moukalaba and Doudou are home to many of the rarest birds.

With 80% of the country covered by tropical forests and thirteen national parks, Gabon is a paradise for nature lovers. Tropical parks with wilderness on the coast, forests, wetlands and savannahs as well as tropical beaches around the capital quickly make it clear why a visit is worthwhile. Gabon is the wealthiest nation in the Congo Basin, with over 85% of its territory covered by tropical rainforest. In addition to its rich natural resources such as oil, gas, gold, oil sands and oil and gas production, it is also one of Africa's largest and most populous nations, covering more than 90% or more of its land area with tropical rainforests. Gabon is not only covered in tropical rainforests and has over 80 national parks, but is also one of the wealthiest nations in the Congo Basin.

With its beaches, glitzy nightclubs and a host of restaurants and bars, Libreville has something for everyone.

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