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Many Gabonese suspect that the 60-year-old president will never be able to work full-time again. Since returning from his trip to the United States last month, he has spent most of his time in a suite at the InterContinental Hotel in Geneva.

Houdrouge said the court had ordered the subsidiary to provide evidence that it did not owe anything to the complainant, which was difficult because firms tend not to document non-existent debts. Some businessmen believe that the courts are on the trail of fraud: they make it harder for companies to pay their debts, and then punish them with heavy fines if they do not. Officials try to squeeze cash out of them when they can, even if they eventually lose their jobs.

In the first year, an audit fee of $5,000 will be charged for the first quarter of the year, and additional costs of $30 to $60 will be incurred for competitive rates and purchases for non-Revenue Management for Hire hotels. The audit fees may be increased systematically, but in the case of hotels that do not participate in the VAT, the additional costs of 30-60% will be incurred for each consecutive quarter. The fee is capped at $3,500 (a measured standard per quarter) and increases to default status for all hotels after consecutive quarters.

If you are coming from Europe or America, it may take 8 hours of waiting, but for those on a small budget, Royal Air Maroc will do the trick. If you come to Libreville, you can save 300 euros (including transfer to Casablanca) and you can save up to 300 euros.

Do not expect to arrive at the airport during normal business hours (including siesta) between 12: 00 and 15: 00, but find a free parking space at a pre-arranged car rental and check in or park in the hotel car park by 12: 00 the following day.

Once you are indoors, apply a large amount of anti-mosquito cream to your skin before you go into the woods. When you arrive at the hotel, order a Club Sandwich that will be delivered to your room and take a moment before room service delivers it to you to learn how it is prepared and what materials were used for its production, and try the sandwich.

Take a look at the Arboretum de Sybang, a huge tree sanctuary that houses thousands of native species. If you want to see the authentic African side of Libreville, head to the gigantic Marche de Mont Bouet for a nice view of the city, and then in the evening to Nzeng'ayong to see the "authentic" African side of Libreville.

The center Ville is also a nice area to enjoy the nearby sea breeze, but the butterflies do not seem to be much from the outside. If you want to relax on the beautiful, secluded beach, you can round off the day with a visit to the cap. Admission is free, and the well-placed dance floor with a great view of the sea is worth a visit.

If you can afford it, you can rent a car and travel to central Gabon for 2000 FCFA dollars (about 1,500 dollars in U.S. dollars). Normally you can pay $1000 FCFFA for a day (no collective taxis) to cover a considerable distance (15 minutes ride) and $2,000 for an hour ($500 to $3,200 in US dollars) for a day.

The car is not very safe, with broken doors and seat belts, but if you insist on careful driving, the chauffeur will try to engage you. There is a good chance to get some imported goods (wine and spirits) for what you are willing to pay.

The hotel will charge you for any issues that are not resolved within 48 hours, and Guest Relations will take care of them, in case of a management fee of $150.

The manager and all hotel staff must also attend a training workshop at the hotel before opening. Franchisees may charge franchisees a fee to attend training sessions and they must cover the travel and living expenses of their apprentices. Designated trainers and designated Guest Experience Champions must complete appropriate training on the date required in accordance with the applicable brand standards. The designated trainer and all staff of the new hotel and all other staff must also have attended the Leading Brand Training for the newer hotel held at the hotel and / or at the previous hotel opening, or at least one day at each hotel.

Training sessions can be held in person or virtually, and the workshop prices range from $375 to $5,000 per participant, depending on length, content and delivery. If a terminal is required, the final cost is estimated at $295 - 400 plus a one-time fee. A great place to eat is the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel, with a wide selection of food and drinks.

More About Libreville

More About Libreville