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Nigeria - W Hospitality Group recently expanded its hotel portfolio in Lagos, Nigeria. Of the 495 hotels with a total of 125,481 rooms, 13 are in the top 10 most popular hotels in the country and occupy the first place. 3 position in a recent report by LagOS, Nigeria's hospital group, the world's largest hotel operator.

Since the beginning of 2012, hotel operators in Gabon have seen the number of hotel rooms increase from 1,000 to 2,500. According to a report of the International Hotel Association (IAH) in June 2013, there are around 400 hotels and other institutions offering accommodation in Gabon, of which about half are in Libreville.

While the Ibis, including Ibiis Budget, is ahead in the number of hotels, the Radisson Blu has the most rooms. Most recently, a 1,000-room hotel was signed in Gabon's capital, Libreville. The average size of the new African ibises is 140 rooms, while Radissons Blus has 250 rooms and the Meridien Re - Ndama in Libreville is also among the hotels to be renovated as part of the initiative. Marriott has signed a contract for a new building to be built by the same developer that built Marriott in Cotonou, Benin, but no details of the plans have been released.

The Onomo is under construction and already in operation in Dakar, Senegal, and is scheduled to open in October. A fourth facility in Mali is in the planning stages, with construction scheduled to begin next year, Mure said. It is due to open in late 2013, and the third hotel in Gabon's capital, Libreville, a 1,000-room hotel, is due to open in October, according to the company.

Onomo, the owner and operator of its facilities, has planned or is under construction 13 hotels in Gabon with 1,579 rooms. Other groups looking to enter the huge Nigerian market for the first time or have contracts are Kempinski, Mantis, Marriott and Wyndham. Movenpick opened in Accra in 2012 and has several hotels on the Nile cruise ships in Egypt, where it already has a strong presence. International players will be arriving in the market: Marriott announced in 2013 the opening of a 250-room hotel in Libreville, followed by an expanded hotel in Abidjan, Ghana, in 2014 and a 2000-room hotel and restaurant in Lagos in 2015, Mure said.

Onomo hotels, which are open, are located in Gabon's capital Libreville and Dakar, which opened in 2010, as well as in Abidjan, Lagos, Abagaille and Abbouda. Luxury hotels, including hotels in Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, New York and London, are on a separate list. If you find the offer you want, we provide links to airlines and travel agencies that you can use to book directly with them. You can compare leading car rental companies and book flights to the most popular destinations in the world.

South African Airways (SAA) flies to Abidjan, Lagos, Abagaille and Abbouda, as well as to the Gabonese capital Libreville. Air France - Gabon Airlines flies from Paris to Libreville, Royal Air Maroc from Casablanca to Gabon. All Africa connections are served daily by scheduled flights to Lagoansa and Loango, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Ivory Coast.

There are many paved roads in Gabon, so a car is sufficient if you live in one of the big cities. Boat trips are possible, but you'd better search several websites and compare prices to find a cheap car hire in Libreville.

We have also compiled a carefully selected list of recommended hotels in Gabon, from the best to the worst. We have included information about each hotel, as well as information about the hotel's services and amenities, and provided real guests written by real guests to help you make your booking decision. As in many African countries, you can get into trouble, but there are plenty of good hotels and restaurants in Libreville and other parts of the country.

If you want to recommend the map page of Libreville to a friend or just send a reminder, here is an easy way to do so. W Hospitality Group says that on average less than 10% of rooms are booked in developing countries worldwide, and as hotels are in China and other developed countries and ecotourism is developing, this percentage could fall even further. In Gabon, more than 90 percent of hotel rooms are in developing countries, according to the National Park Authority's earlier figures. Although Onomo has been criticized for its lack of commitment to Africa's tourism sector, Mure said the company intends to continue to push for it, fearing that too much will be siphoned off too soon, damaging its long-term growth plans.

The river crosses the savannah on a suspension bridge with locals, and you can see leopards, elephants, gorillas and monkeys from places like the beach.

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More About Libreville