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In Libreville, Gabon, the Heads of State and Government of the Central African Republic (CAR) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have begun discussing closer economic ties, including the creation of a new regional airline. They will meet for the first time since the signature of the Central Accord in 2016, scheduled for June, to discuss the development of economic and political relations between the two countries.

The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and the Vice-President, Thabo Mbeki, represented the Government of the Republic of Gabon. Ambassador Magaqa delivered the address, informing the audience that "South Africa has had 20 years of formal relations with Gabon."

The event also allowed planners to visit some of the training grounds used in June, including a trip to Point Denis, a boat ride from Libreville. Further training in the ISMT could continue until the BCM missionaries leave Gabon. Gilbert sent an email to Chuck O'Connor, the head of BC men's training in South Africa, asking for a French-speaking coach to be sent to Gabon.

The Embassy also had a cultural event on the day, which presented South African culture with the performance of the Ukhamba Dance Group. The Gabon Cultural Dance Group, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Civic Education, entertained the guests with the open day of the Monument Day and cocktails. In the picture above, the culture of Gabon was demonstrated with Punu Bwiti (without pictures).

Among the guests was Daniel Ona Ondo, representing the Republic, the Mayor of Durban and Libreville, who was received on behalf of the South by Nomvume Nkandla, Minister of Culture, Art and Civic Education of South Africa, and Jean-Pierre Gueckedou, President of Gabon. The central message was conveyed by President Evelyn Ndubuizi, the Vice-President and Prime Minister, and the Ambassador to the United Nations.

The audience had the opportunity to celebrate the outcome of the BRICS Summit as a milestone in the history of South Africa and the continent. The framework for the celebrations has been rather difficult due to recent events in Gabon, particularly in terms of poverty and income distribution, as well as the economic development of the country. Weaknesses in national statistical systems are among the challenges Gabon faces, as reliable data on poverty or income distribution is not available.

It produces and has one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, but faces complex legal, regulatory, and practical challenges similar to those facing the oil industry in several francophone African countries, including Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa. There is not enough land for agricultural production, due to the amount of arable land that is not farmed and the lack of access to water and electricity. Yet Gabon has one of Africa's highest rates of urbanization, with more than four in five Gabonese living in cities.

Public protests, demonstrations and strikes are relatively common in response to ongoing industrial action. Civil unrest is not uncommon, which is one of the things travelers should consider before traveling to Gabon. Travelers should stay away from protests and demonstrations in Gabo, where police have used violence and tear gas in the past to disrupt events.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in Gabon as it emerges on the world stage, "said South African Foreign and Trade Minister Amalede Magaqa. The visit to Mayoras is a testament to the good relations between our two countries and the importance of our bilateral relations. I reaffirm our commitment to maintain and strengthen our diplomatic and bilateral relations with Gabo, "added a Mag aqa. We have two rainy seasons every year; the first is in March and May and the second in June and July.

One of these celebrations was the recent dinner of the South African Embassy in Gabon, where Gabonese people gathered to celebrate a significant milestone. Ambassador Magaqa said the momentous occasion provided South Africa with an opportunity to reflect on how we have achieved our freedom and democracy and celebrate the progress we have made over the last 20 years. We are proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our diplomatic relations with Gabo, "said Ambassador Nomvume Nnambu, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to the United States of Africa.

South African citizens living in Libreville were invited to a cocktail party at a local hotel on the evening of the anniversary. Ndong is a co-founder of Central Accord, a Gabonese non-governmental organisation, and a member of its executive committee.

L'Assemblee Radieuse is an architectural landmark on the capital's breathtaking slope that reflects emerging leadership and celebrates Africa's ability to lead Africa into a new era.

Gabon enjoys an atypical level of political stability in the region and was recently named the winner of a competition to design the new auditorium in Libreville, Gabon, for the African Union Summit 2014. The winning design of WORKac incorporates a living ecology of baboons to create a vibrant urban environment with a diverse mix of urban and rural areas. It is located at the interface of two of Africa's most diverse regions and borders the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR) as well as South Africa and Nigeria.

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