Libreville, Gabon


Libreville is the capital city of Gabon, a country on the coast of Central Africa. Its seafront boulevard has parks and sculptures. The city is a port on the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea.

Places to visit:

  • Akanda National Park– Akanda National Park is one of 13 National Parks in Gabon, designed to represent the biodiversity of the country and encourage tourism. 
  • Pointe-Denis Beach- It is an exotic beach to chill out.
  • Cathedral Sainte Marie-It is a beautiful church and a must visit monument in Libreville.
  • Arboretum de Sibang- It is a preserved rain forest park situated within the city.
  • Lope National Park- It is a national park in central Gabon. The terrain is mostly rain forest, contains the savannas. A wonderful experience and a beautiful escape into the wild. 
  • Museum of Arts and Tradition- A visit to a city is always incomplete without knowing its history, and history can only be known through museums. So, Museum OF Arts and Tradition is a must visit place.
  • Notre Dame de Lourdes- It is another beautiful church.


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